Retailer Q&A: h2o Closet

We happened on h2o Closet on a recent trip to Palm Springs. Their store is super chic and fun, and full of must-haves for all of your apothecary needs. We are so happy that the owners, Ken and Steve, love Carbon 6 Lab and were one of our first retailers!

We wanted to get the scoop behind h2o Closet's Palm Springs vibe, and Ken and Steve were kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Enjoy!

Q: What was the original idea for h2o Closet? Was it always apothecary-focused?

h2o closet was apothecary focused out of the gate and still is. Ken got started in the skincare/cosmetics industry in NYC early 80's and has been in retail since. Steve was in hotel management but always loved fragrances (personal & home) as well as beautiful quality soaps and shower gels.

Q: How do you go about curating your selection? Also, what are some of your ‘greatest hits’ of what you have in store?

We of course are drawn to products/brands that pull us in but have to remember who our customers are and what they would love and what we think they "need." First we have to love it for what it does, then our human testers (family, customers, friends) have to give us a thumbs up. Quality of product, value related to the price, and of course great packaging as you want to use it, touch it, wear it. Well of course one of greatest hits is Carbon 6 Labs, Herbivore Botanicals (the coconut milk bath is yummy), Goldfaden MD customer is very loyal, Bright Eyes & Vital Boost! Binchotan charcoal products like the eye mask & facial puff. Boy Smells & Voyage et Cie candles. OhMyGaia deodorants sell like crazy.

Q: How has Palm Springs taken to h2o Closet? Have there been any great experiences about turning clients on to a product they never thought they would need and can’t live without?

Palm Springs is liking h2o closet and we have our regulars. A Charcoal eye mask & toothbrush, Goldfaden MD Botox in a bottle Needle-Less, and when people say they are not a bath person but are after Herbivore Botanicals coconut milk bath.

Q: How is the clientele different at each location? Or is it? Do different selections work better at different locations?

Palm Springs is a younger customer evenly split with women & men. Fragrance does better in Palm

Springs, skincare in La Quinta. Palm Springs wants new & now, La Quinta has been there done that.

Q: What do you like most about Carbon 6 Lab toothpaste?

I (Ken) having a bridge and tiny plastic surgery due to accident am a bit nutty when it comes to teeth & the mouth. Love the taste, how it performs and has whitened my natural teeth. We love how it leaves your mouth fresh, not dry with no irritation like traditional toothpastes.

Thanks Ken!

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