Retailer Q&A: Babalu

We love Miami's Babalu. Their chic mix of apothecary products and fashion / lifestyle accessories is fresh, interesting, and well-curated. They are also the newest Carbon 6 Lab stockist!

We wanted to get the scoop behind Babalu's vibe, and co-owner and buyer Greg Melvin was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Enjoy!

C6L: What was the original idea for Babalu? GM: The philosophy behind Babalu is to create an experience for our customers that they will remember, and present an ever-evolving point-of-discovery that offers something new every time they visit. Babalu is a genuine concept store with something for everyone. C6L: Was it always apothecary-focused? GM: The Fragrance and Beauty sections of Babalu have grown organically for us. And although we offer fashion accessories, home, gift and fashion collections in our merchandise mix, we have proudly become recognized as one of the top-4 independent fine fragrance stores in the US... and the Babalu Beauty Bar follows this trend. We focus on the highest quality independent fragrance and beauty brands with forward-vision. Quality scents, natural-based beauty products. We love what we do and Babalu has been a magic-carpet journey for us that extends to the customer experience. C6L: How do you go about curating your selection? Also, what are some of your ‘greatest hits’ of what you have in store? GM: We are always on the lookout for the most exciting new emerging brands. Within the concept you will see an eclectic harmony of established brands that complement fresh niche brands. The net effect energizes our most established brands (Cire Trudon, Missoni, Roja Dove, Santa Maria Novella for example) and these brands give credence to hip new brands such as Lumira Candles, Comme des Garcons, Profumum Roma and of course Carbon 6 Lab! Q: How has Miami taken to Babalu? Have there been any great experiences about turning clients on to a product they never thought they would need and can’t live without? GM: Miami is a very exciting home for Babalu. Our loyal locals and visitors are sophisticated and well-traveled. Babalu is the antidote to the traditional department store, and we find the customer is excited to try new things. We are fortunate to be based in such a cosmopolitan destination. C6L: What do you like most about Carbon 6 Lab toothpaste? GM: Well, aside from the adorable explanation of "how to use" on the back of the toothpaste tube, I've always believed in carbon for its detoxifying and cleansing qualities. Carbon 6 Lab is very well-conceived, user-friendly and we believe poised for great success ahead. I'm excited for the company's vision going forward and we are particularly proud to support such talent and innovation.

Thanks Greg!

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