The Design of Carbon 6 Lab

Los Angeles had a large hand in driving the aesthetic of Carbon 6 Lab. From its modern architecture, ideas of sustainable luxury, and it’s health forward attitude, the brand owes a lot to the city’s ideology and vibe.

The Schindler House

Pierre Koenig Case Study House

Aside from being co-founder and CEO of Carbon 6 Lab, Jonathon Anderson is also the de facto creative director. When concepting the branding and packaging, he wanted to give a nod to the scientific visual simplicity of the periodic table, and the clean lines and graphic contrast present in much of the graphic design and visual art he admires. In addition to making the packaging beautiful, it was also important to make it feel like a serious, self-care product with lasting and real health benefits.

Black type on white packaging has a specifically luxurious feeling - evoking Chanel or Comme des Garcons in equal measure - it feels timeless yet modern, and evokes a sense of quality.

The boxes are printed and constructed here in Los Angeles with a custom paper that has a soft, luxurious hand. The box’s consctruction is special, as it presents the tube almost in the manner that a jewerly box would present a necklace: the box slides open to reveal the tube inside.

The tube itself appears to be purpose-driven - the coated aluminum nozzle is covered by a thin, black cap to give a graphic nod as to the color of the toothpaste inside. The tube has a tactility that feels ‘classic’ due to the fact that it is also coated aluminum, while also easily allowing the user to put the exact amount of paste needed on the brush. Design and aesthetic consideration, in equal measure.

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